Download Room

      Here you can download Taboo stuff: utilities (for both PC and C64), demos, etc. The most of this stuff can be also downloaded from FUNET Taboo download page.

6502TASS version 1.3+ (99k) (NEW!)
    A 6502/65C02 assembler and linker for PC. Containing bonus for registered users: Level Crusher 1.1 for PC

PM_STUB (12k) version 1.0
    A protected mode DOS extender for Watcom C/C++ - great replacement of still bugged DOS4GW. It's free and it has source code enclosed.

KM's C64+1541/71 turboloaders (14k)
    The sources of some great turboloaders for C64/128+1541/71. Easy to compile with C64's TASS or PC's 6502TASS.

Altered States 50% (252k)
    The final Taboo demo. Released in the middle of 1997.

Ritual II (227k)
    Cruise's graphic collection - released on April'95.

Intrigue (141k)
    A graphic collection by Fazee. Released on Easter 1994.

Wayne's Graphic Collection (45k)
    Done and released on May 1993.

Place In The Space (139k)
    Our second demo. The winner of CB/Skylight party on December'92.

More Than NOPs (136k)
    First demo by Taboo! Released on March 1992.

Last update: 15.02.1998